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Where do I sign up?

Slow down! You are putting electricity into your brain, we are not just going to let you sign up.

However, we are happy to talk with you to see if DCS might be appropriate for you. Please use our calendar to select a time that is convenient for us to call you. You will receive a confirmation email when this is scheduled.

What if DCS doesn’t work?

The CEO, Dr. Prause, is a licensed psychologist in California (#27778). She has provided treatment in the areas of relationship, sex, and behavioral medicine, but does not actively provide these services herself any more. If you would like, you can schedule a session with her for the purpose of identifying the best referral for you and/or your partner, depending on your circumstances.

Will DCS kill or overclock my sex drive?

We are currently testing DCS, so it is impossible to say exactly how much it will impact your sex drive. However, we believe it is likely to have a normalizing function, much like TMS. By “normalizing”, we mean that it may help restore your sensitivity to sexual rewards back to a normal level. If your sex drive is on the lower end, it may help boost it back. If your sex drive is on the higher end, it may help make it feel more manageable.

This is all speculation at this point, which is why we are continuing to collect information from people in the form of both research and following our customers after they receive DCS.

How are you using DCS?

Liberos LLC holds a patent on a form of DCS that alters how people respond to sexual cues, like sexy pictures. We are conducting trials to determine how we can make this useful to people who might want to increase or decrease their level of sexual desire.

DCS is not being used to treat any disorder.

Can this help with my sex/porn addiction?

Unfortunately, sex/porn addiction is not actually a diagnosis, though it has been popularized by therapists hoping to make money from you. For this and many other reasons, DCS is not appropriate for someone who believes they have a problem with sex/porn addiction. In fact, we refuse to take referrals from clinicians who claim to treat using this fake diagnosis.

However, if you believe you might benefit from help managing a higher sex drive, then you may find DCS helpful.

Is there anything special about DCS at Liberos?

Our device is patented.