What is the Biohacking Experience?

What does biohacking mean?

Biohacking usually refers to using sensors to detect changes in your body that might help you learn something about your own body. Perhaps the best known device to do this is the fitbit

Why would I do this?

This is not a medical test. Our lab is the most advanced human sexuality physiology lab in the country. We know many people are curious about their bodies, but have no way to get any real information. We will help you think about what questions our approaches can help you answer, including if there is just not a good test to offer for what you hope to discover. Some things you might want to discover:

Am I having the contractions that people have when they orgasm?

What does my partner really like the best about the ways I touch them?

I cannot have orgasms easily, and I want to know if I am missing something.

I just want a movie of what my brain looks like watching porn!

My partner and I have a disagreement about how long something takes (note: couple’s therapy is a possible referral here!)

Do I do it or do you do it?

Many companies create devices for consumers to wear on their own. The problem with many of these devices is that the person who buys it doesn’t really know how to interpret or act on the information they get! Our concierge approach helps you identify what devices are likely to be useful, loans them to you, helps you put them on accurately and test them, and records everything. We do it!

Are there legal implications of biohacking?

How much does a biohacking session cost?

Is there a standard rate for a biohacking session?

No. Our Sex Biohacking Laboratory Experience is customized and therefore we do not have a standard rate. The following list supplies examples of session customization and prices. Once you have discussed your interested with our staff during your free phone consultation, we will be able to give you an exact amount for your personalized session.