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Full costs recommended

Most tDCS treatments include 20 treatment sessions. However, some studies are finding that 10 sessions are enough to reach the same effects as 20 sessions. For this reason, we recommend completing a full series of 10 sessions, then taking a break to decide whether you feel you would like more sessions. We are working on developing an EEG assessment that will help us provide data to decide whether you might benefit from more than 10 sessions, but this is still in development.

First session: $300

Sessions 2-10: $100 each ($900 total)

Additional series 11-20: $100 each ($1000)

Booster sessions: $150 each

Can I get a discount?

Since we are still developing DCS, we do have an opportunity to help develop the technology. This would require that you stay for an extra 20 minutes before, and an extra 10 minutes after, your first DCS stimulation session only. During this time, we will measure your EEG responses to a computer task.

We plan to eventually use this assessment to help identify who is most likely to benefit from the DCS. We would appreciate your help and will discount the first session (only) from $300 to $100 (a $200 discount) if you are willing to provide this additional information.

I am a clinician. How can I administer this DCS?

This device is not FDA-approved to treat any disorder, so it cannot be advertised, referred, or used in that way. If you are interested in possibly bringing it in to your office for sexual desire modification, we are considering developing a (reasonable-cost) license and training for clinicians. Please let us know of your interest by completing this contact form, then we will know to reach out to you if/when we decide to license the product.

If you are interested in DCS for “sex/porn addiction” or carry the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) designation, you are prohibited from using this device and we do not accept your referrals.

Why aren’t you trying to sell this to me?

The CEO of the company was an academic for a decade and is a woman with four younger sisters. A core value at Liberos LLC is to operate within the bounds of knowledge, always. We believe that an honest approach, rather than overpromising with flashy advertising, is always the best way to sell a product or service.

More importantly, low sexual desire has been a challenge primarily for women for a very long time. DCS may be an amazing solution for some women, but, if it does not work for you, we want you to know that you still have options. We believe women have been taunted with snake oil and social pressure for far too long. Hence, the name of the company translates (loose Latin) to “the freedom to desire”, not “do it or else” or “you should be a vixen”. We want to give women an option with reasonable expectations.