What kind of appointment should I request?

When you initially log in to the calendar, you select the time that is best for you. We will review your appointment request and approve it during business hours. The Simple Practice calendar is HIPPA-compliant, so it will protect your information like any medical record requires.

Evaluations last 3 sessions, with the third session starting the treatment (or contacting referrals) as Dr. Prause will recommend and discuss with you. Each lasts 90 minutes. All partners should come for romantic relationship or sex therapy.

You will only be able to sign up for psychotherapy sessions after you have attended evaluation. Psychotherapy typically will be scheduled for 50 minutes.

Consult call 
If you are not sure your difficulty is within the scope of Dr. Prause’s areas of expertise, she welcomes you to call first. Calls are free and are scheduled for 15 minutes.